Our Story
"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Throughout my 45 years of Christian ministry, I have walked with many precious people from being "stuck" in different difficult situations to finding the healing and wholeness only Jesus Christ offers. Some have overcome crushing losses, challenging divorces, and unhealthy relationships that often cause depression and anxiety issues to come crashing into their personal spaces. They found themselves, as I did, stuck in a pit of depression unable to move forward and asking, "where do I go now and how?"  Four amazing people recently called or texted me right out of the blue to say, "You have no idea what an IMPACT you have had in my life." Tears often roll as I am both humbled and elated to know the Lord uses broken lives in such a stunning way.

After church in a restaurant a dear young man in his mid-forties came in with his family. His name is Mike Pilato. He is a Worship Leader at his church, a multi-gifted musician and Digital Tech guru.  He hugged me and said as he looked down into my face…” While I have you here I just want to tell you what an IMPACT you have made in life.” He went on to say it has been the foundation I brought into my family and I now walk out with other couples. He also said “When people ask me who IMPACTED your life most, I reply let me tell you about this little lady…!” Mike didn’t know that day what a gift of encouragement he gave to this little 71 year seasoned lady as I was reflecting back over my life. Before two weeks were over four people had called or text to say almost the identical words Mike said. The Lord has placed me in many people’s lives with influence and the IMPACT I never dreamed of.

You see we ALL have an IMPACT on someone or someone’s life. Life was never meant to be lived in isolation or without a purpose. This was how I knew the last piece of my new direction had just been put into place. Four months ago when the Lord took me literally to the desert of Arizona to work with some clients He began a new work IN me. He called me aside and called me to a new direction.  

I have been a Life Coach with two amazing ladies with ReJoy Ministries for six wonder years. Over those years, I began to see doors open where I had not knocked. I saw doors  close that I had really wanted to stay open. Jeremiah 29:11 is my life and ministry verse. The Lord brought this verse to me as I found myself walking out of a very challenging and painful time in my life at 70. He called me clearly as I read the word, as He used circumstance and people to give me a new vision and a new direction.  

Impact Coaching Ministry was born out of this vision and calling. How I thank Him for His healing love and His amazing grace filled calling on my life. The vision I see for Impact Coaching Ministries as we move forward is simple but powerful. That healing, wholeness, passion and purpose might walk right into our Client’s lives as they find freedom in Christ to BE who He called them to me. Then and only then will they know completely what theCross, Resurrection, Ascension, Outpouring and Indwelling of His Spirit in us means.  

When He called us to abundant and fruitful lives He was not kidding. But we are often so broken from the fall and the fallout that walks right into our hearts and homes we need healing to walk in it. That is what Impact Coaching Ministries is all about. Walking you to the ONLY ONE WHO can and is waiting to set you free … come and see.

Ready to experience the freedom Christ has for you?

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