October 8, 2021

Passing the Mantle



What an exciting day in an ever changing culture to prepare the next generation. It’s time to prepare to pass the mantle of leadership down. I see on the horizon a new generation watching the world they live in turn upside down, inside out, in a free fall of instability.

They have faced the pandemic that rocked their world, change their schools, set up isolation, social unrest, and a nation divided. Any previous stability was shot through with mistrust and no real foreseeable answers. Suicidal rates ate the highest ever.

2 Kings chapter 2 is such an amazing passage as Elijah is passing the mantle of leadership to the next generation Leader Elisha. Several things pop loudly. We have to see longterm goals preparing this generation NOW.

In a time that shouts no hope no help, go back to basics which are anchored in a rock foundation. Time for quick devotional won’t sustain them in the battles ahead. Back to the Bible foundational truth that never changes because He never changes. Rock solid “know the truth” preparation. Longterm goals put in place now.

Proactive with the vision of the future and how the Lord will get them there. Training them to know Him as not only Savior and Lord but also their very LIFE. Leading them to attach to a Relationship that takes them beyond themselves in a narcissistic culture gone “selfie.”

Raise the future leaders to pull from their potential power source which is not self-help performance based identity. But centered squarely on ANOTHER who never changes even when the world is in free fall. He ALONE is the stable force to anchor our life.

Passing the mantle down requires training a new generation to know their true identity in Him. This goal positions them above not under the circumstances they face.

It’s time to make a God ordained plan. Put that plan in place and empowered by the Spirit of God walk that plan out as we the older generation to pass the mantle on to the new generation. Then get out of their way and see what the Lord is waiting to do through them.

I am all in. How about you? Find your piece to play in the plan. Execute it and see God do something none of us can even imagine.


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