February 1, 2023

The Girls



February 14th always brings out the chocolate craving sales and flowers sending scenarios each year. When I think about Valentine’s Day being the “love month” I think of these beautiful women of faith. Next to the Lord of my life, my own grown children and my grandkids, these ladies hold the cherished chamber of my heart.

We do life together everyday. We celebrate together, we cry together, we pray together, stay together and share together our love for the Love of our lives. Do you have a community of people who are your safe place, your grace space and just love you for who you are? Do you know even if it’s not a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife that Someone and someones love you unconditionally.

Do you long to be seen, heard and known by others around you. Often we don’t know that with some people who have walked in and out of our life’s. Maybe from some who have neglected, abandoned or abused your love. I understand. But right here many years ago I found the “Love of my Life” who has always been faithful, ever present, never leaving, seeing you completely, loving you unconditionally, knowing you intimately and still calls you to come close…very close. He is hands on heart in every detail of our life.

So this February 14th come close feel, know and experience His amazing love. He can heal your hurts, pains, disappointments and your grief what ever they may be and from whoever they came from. If you find yourself without the flowers or the candy this “love month” maybe you can reach out beyond yourself and be that for someone else who needs this kind of love that you can give.

I want to challenge you this year 2023 to start a new tradition or care plan that maybe you have never done before. Ask the Lord who needs to have a human hug, a supportive heart, a listen ear and a life free enough of self love, self pity, or self protection to reach out to others. My prayer for you as well as myself is let me be the hands on heart in love to another that reveals the Jesus they can’t see physically. I applaud you for taking the challenge my dear friend and the courage to walk out 1 Corinthians 13 practically to a desperately needy world around you.

Coach Carolyn


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